Activa Benefits Services offers turnkey solutions in setting up self-funded benefit plans. Utilizing industry leading technology with a personal touch, Activa delivers solution-based benefit plan designs and administration.

Activa is now becoming Insight Benefit Administrators. What will this change mean for you? You can continue to call on the Insight/Activa staff as you always have. You’ll benefit from Insight’s precise blend of experience and customer care creating a service model that delivers a better benefit administration program to our clients and covered members.

Our Services

Data Analysis

Analyzing your data enables Activa Benefits to use cutting edge technology to measure the performance of your plan and the efficiency of your area providers, PPOs, cost managers, and other partnerships. Let us show you how.

While we administer claims efficiently and accurately, the keys to improving the health of a covered group and the financial performance of their plan lie in putting information to work for our clients. How is this data used?

Reviewing your existing plan design and recent claims history will help us understand the factors driving your costs higher. Reviewing claims activity and the current status of covered members will enable us to identify those with chronic health conditions and the additional health risks facing your plan in the future. Once health risks are identified, a number of different strategies can be taken to minimize of transfer these risks.

The greatest advantage that self-funding offers is the ability to make changes in cost sharing parameters or benefits. Health and disease management, wellness and other awareness programs
can be added going forward, along with the appropriate incentives.