Activa Benefits Services offers turnkey solutions in setting up self-funded benefit plans. Utilizing industry leading technology with a personal touch, Activa delivers solution-based benefit plan designs and administration.

Activa is now becoming Insight Benefit Administrators. What will this change mean for you? You can continue to call on the Insight/Activa staff as you always have. You’ll benefit from Insight’s precise blend of experience and customer care creating a service model that delivers a better benefit administration program to our clients and covered members.

Why Self-Fund?


Self-funding allows the greatest degree of plan customization and cost control possible. Use of medical services can be monitored and employees can become empowered to take responsibility for their own health and well being. Advantages of Self-Funding

Greater Financial Control

Instead of paying premiums in advance for insured products, most employers fund claims as they are paid; Activa will provide reports showing how every dollar was spent.

More Flexibility

Self-funding allows employers to design health benefit plans that address specific employee needs and company objectives. Self-funding is also exempt from state laws that typically mandate certain benefits for insured plans.

Cost Management

While new healthcare reform laws will continue to impact plan designs, self-funding give s employers the flexibility to determine the benefits that can best meet the needs of their company and their employees. While adjudicating self-funded claims, we collect a tremendous amount of data that can be used to provide comprehensive benefit and utilization information that can, in turn, assist our clients in continually improving their benefit plan and controlling future costs.

Activa Benefits can help you determine whether self-funding is appropriate for your company by reviewing a current employee census, premium rate history, and the costs and parameters of your current plans. Analyzing these factors will help us evaluate all the alternative strategies available, including consumer-directed health plan options and cost management opportunities. We will work with you to determine proper levels of coverage and all plan parameters.